What we do……….

Work with partners-physicians (MD or DO), nurse practitioners (NP), physician extenders (PA), nurses, medical assistant, front-end, back-end staff, and other support staff to provide best practice yet focused solutions that lead to operational and financial performance enhancement as well as business development & strategic growth in employed, private or independent physician or medical and surgical group practices, ambulatory centers, outpatient centers and health centers in academic, community or governmental settings.

How we do……….

Experiential expertise, industry knowledge, research, proven methods and analytical tools are used to 1) define and properly characterize the problems 2) collect data (quantitative & qualitative) for measurement in order to assess current state & determine root cause 3) analyze information to identify gaps and extract opportunities 4) make appropriate, specific, targeted and pragmatic recommendations 5) support implementation of proposed solutions and facilitate plans to sustain and manage gains on an ongoing basis.