The Practice Management Bookie: Intro

As we begin the new year, I am optimistic and excited about all that healthcare will bring.  To remain viable, one must boldly meet the challenge. I hope that I can be of assistance to physician practices and ambulatory outpatient centers; joining you all in partnership as you take on this monumental task whatever it looks like specifically for your enterprise.  In addition to the full complement of consulting services ( i.e. project planning & oversight, project implementation, retained advisory resource, and interim administrative management) that FUNMI Healthcare already provides,  a thought leadership blog: “The Practice Management Bookie” will be introduced this year.  The Monthly 2nd Thursdays – release blog will provide a high-level, yet insightful and actionable 5-10 minute-read information that is pertinent to physician practice and outpatient or ambulatory center management.  I bet that you will find the content highly valuable and useful for the transformation of your organization. Stay tuned!


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