About FUNMI Healthcare Consulting Blog

The Practice Management Bookie Blog: Topics Coming in 2019 

Physician and Clinician Burnout

Strategic Planning for Physician Practices

Managing Physician Practice Staff Performance

Value Based Programs: MIPS and APM

Budgeting and Cost Management for Physician Practice

Revenue Cycle Management for Physician Practice

Patient Experience

Practice Transformation: Telemedicine, NP & PA Utilization, Care-coordination etc.

Using Lean Six-sigma for Process Improvement in your Physician Practice

Regulatory: Fraud/Abuse/Compliance/Stark Laws  

On the horizon: Direct Primary Care, Medical Marijuana, Community Partnerships etc.

Opening/Starting Your Medical Practice

“Transforming the delivery of healthcare through effective & efficient operational management, financial management and growth strategies in a targeted and pragmatic way that results in foundational, substantive and sustainable solutions for medical practices and outpatient centers”


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